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This is an exciting day! We are launching our new website, posting our product line on Esty, AND rolling out the “Oh” Happy Day Art Company Blog. But most importantly YOU have found us in this whole big wide wonderful world, and by some magical Internet miracle you landed on our page. We are SO delighted and excited to have you.

Happy Day Art Company is the very unique creation of my magical mom, amazing sister Katie & me, Emily (blog & Etsy manager. Together, Candy and Katie have created a product line that is infused with magic. The designs, unique in style, share an energy of possibly, abundance, whimsy, and happiness that is enjoyed by everyone who has a little piece.

Ever since I was a little girl I can remember our mom creating magic with her pens and brushes. Her designs are each unique and created from a place of pure possibility and joy. She gives of herself and her treasures with such generosity that anyone who owns a Happy Day Art product gets to share in that “happiness".

Katie’s vivid designs explode off the page with an “I am celebrating YOU” energy. Color and texture sing in harmony as they deliver a joyful message to any recipient. Pure fun, nothing else. As her big sister, I can say she is one special lady and you will love getting to know her through her beautiful creations.

Our goal at Happy Day Art Company is to bring happiness, blessings, and abundance to as many people as we can through our artful creations. We believe, that everyone is beautifully brilliant, full of abundant possibilities, and lovable beyond expression. If you need a little reminder, then that is what we are here for!

Tools to help are Candy’s Inspiration boxes, which were created, based on the belief that writing your goal’s down and focusing on your blessings has incredible power. Putting your intentions on paper gives them form. It gives your energy a place to channel all its “juice”.

Blessing boxes bring a reminder to focus on the everyday blessings that are all around us but sometimes we are to busy to see. When we shift our focus to gratitude, life really begins to open up. Our boxes are the perfect tool. Delightful in design, pencil and paper at the ready, and easy to display anywhere. They are the perfect gift for all ages. Check out our Beach Box line as well as Prayer boxes. You will LOVE them!

Katie’s images are available for fine art print. Imagine hanging one on your wall where you can walk by each day and be reminded that you that “You are a CELEBRATION!!!! “ That is how you will feel. With a full line of greeting cards, there is something for everyone.

Subscribe to our newsletter and blog to stay up to date on new products, happy news, and inspirational musings. We want to here from you too. What are the serendipitous results of having a piece from Happy Day Art Co?

May your day be filled with blessings and your goals realized beyond your wildest dreams and may each breath be infused with sweetness of happiness.


Happy Day Art Co


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