Vision Board Dreaming

With the New Year unfolding, I was pondering resolutions…and then I get this image text from Candy. Her vision board from 8 years ago. Along with a message.. “Look what I found!!!”“I just love the New Year! I love new beginnings, I love Mondays, and I love the morning!” Oh baby…let me get on that train!

No matter what is going on, Candy is always upbeat. You will usually catch her multi tasking, phone on speaker, with many conversations happening. (everyone wants a piece of Candy). I think this is why she knows the importance of writing down, drawing out, or cut and pasting up your goals and visions for a positive joyous future. She knows that life can become so distracting and lure of the “tyranny of the urgent” is so seductive that we need to consciously put in print what we want to accomplish otherwise life becomes one big multitasking mess.

Candy’s vision board shows women entrepreneurs, art, a cottage in its garden and all things that get her creative and positive energies focused in the direction of her dreams. This board got hidden away, but most everything on it has been realized. That’s the mystery of the vision board.

With 2015 opening its doors, it is a fun time to create a vision board of your own. It can be a piece of paper, a notebook, or an actual board. What ever you enjoy working with and can easily display or pull out and be inspired regularly. Find words, images, articles, drawings and your own writings to paste, tape, and tack into place.

Our Goal Boxes have the perfect size paper included. Not so big that the space is intimidating and just big enough for those perfect thoughts. With a variety of colors you can create a rainbow of dreams to give your energy direction. Write, cut, and post and watch the magic happen.

Send us a photo of your vision board using our Goal Box Kit and we will hold your vision and thought of abundant success with you. Lets create a community of possibilities together!!


Happy Day Art Company

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