Be Your Own Valentine

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Happy Valentine’s Season! We are coming off the wave of Christmas and flowing into February, the season of love; perfect precursor to spring and new beginnings.

What if this season you made yourself “YOUR” Valentine and explored the idea of “self care”. “Self care??? What is that?

Self care is not something many of us would admit to being comfortable with. I've always prided myself on being simple and low maintenance and the thought that “there must be value in giving of yourself to others selfishly to exhaustion”. But is there? There is if your intention is right and I there is nothing wrong with starting from a place of "will this make me happy?". Better yet….ask yourself “Is this how I would treat my Valentine?” Because you really are and should be celebrating the amazing, beautiful, dynamic, crazy full of potential creature that you are.

Think of this...picture your spouse, partner, or good friend. Are you happier when they have given of themself tirelessly ending up worn out, maybe dabbling in the “whoa is me”…OR does it make you happy and proud to see them HAPPY, engaged in something they love, refreshed and positive? That takes self-care.

It always makes us happier to be around happy people and so that is when it hit me. I need to be my own Valentine! I’m not talking sappy narcissistic self obsession….just kind, gentle self care and the simple juicy joy of doing things that make you happy, rested, and healthy. I can’t and don’t want to stop with the chores of life but I can breathe into them with a “lets make this fun” perspective and relax into, rather than push through.

Here at Happy Day Art Co, we want to celebrate you and help bring joy into your life and the ones you love. Our Valentine Line at Happy Day Art Co is pure celebration and a great gift to give yourself along with your loved ones.

Katie’s paper collage heart print is the perfect reminder to be your own valentine. Imagine hanging it in place where, each day, you can be reminded to pause and give yourself a big giant hug. Bright flowers celebrating the newness of spring, soft yet contemporary, it will fit the décor of any home. Multiple sizes are available printed on card stock or canvas and frame ready. You will love it!

So, relax, take a big, beautiful, deep breath in and as you exhale shower yourself with appreciation. You are loved and appreciated by all of us at Happy Day Art Company.


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