A Moment of Bliss - Priceless!


Do you ever have a moment that takes your breath away? I find these treasures when I I take time to pause, be still, and observe.

The really juicy, truly peaceful, blissful, joy filled moments are not bought or sought after, strived for, or stressed towards…they are the moments that just are. Spirit waiting, always present and complete, expressed in a totally delightful way.

I took my sweet dog Abby for a hike on a Sunday morning to celebrate the “Spring Forward” changing of the clocks. The air was crisp, the birds were singing, and as I rounded the bend the sun was bursting through the trees.

How can this not be divine? God expressed!

It caught my breath and as Abby and I continued our journey through the serenade of birds, it felt like home, peaceful and completely taken care of.

What more do we need really? A few seconds of bliss provided the perfect medicine for the moment.

These moments of joy are all around us; the budding of a flower, the caress of the breeze, a smile exchanged with a stranger. This is the magic we all strive so intensely for. Notice the irony…intense striving for something that takes no effort to experience. It is always and constant.

Today relax into the completeness of what is. Let go of struggle, observes the buzz around you, and know that all is well.

Hugs and Blessing,

Happy Day Art

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