What if we woke up each morning with an “IT’S GOING TO BE THE BEST DAY EVER!!” energy? Can you imagine the accumulative affect in our lives if our feet hit the floor with the intention of seeing the possibilities?

Take the pressure off and just play with that idea.

If you think, coffee first please and then we will consider, then you need to spend a bit of time with Candy, Happy Day Art Co designer. She had developed that habit of a positive start. Everyone morning she wakes up ready to “seize the day”.

As long as I can remember, there was never a dull, less than, nay saying morning and if you started your day on the “downer path”, she was quick help you change course.

Candy begins each day with her art, early to rise, she sits at her desk and lets the inspiration flow from heart, to head, to hand, effortlessly and inspired. It is magical to watch. You can feel it when you have one of her pieces. There is a special energy infused in each creation.

All of her cards are hand done and box art is gently cut out, making them each unique. We are always saying, “you need to get a punch!”. But she replies “nope!” “I love to work with my hands.” Maybe someday but for now, know that each product has been handled and blessed by Candy, personally, just for you.

Check out our inspiration boxes. They are the perfect gift for someone you appreciate and want to support.

Now go make this day EXTRAORDINARY and then send us a message sharing your success! Big and small we want to be a part of celebrating your extraordinary life.


Happy Day Art Company

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