Candy's RX for a Happy Life

Someone once described my mom as “a tonic’. It is such a beautiful and accurate description of her. She always leaves you feeling uplifted and you can definately see those touches in her art.

I love it when I get a text from her and a recent one read, “Look what I found!!!”


You never know what pearls of wisdom have been relayed onto paper in the early hours of inspiration in her studio. I’m so glad she uncovered these. It is her medicine cabinet. Her remedies for what weights down on your heart and mind. Good medicine for sure and worth sharing.

The Pharmacy of Life


For Take (which means GIVE)

Sadness gratitude

Disappointment encouragement

worry confidence

anger compassion

stress peacefulness

negativity optimism

frustration joy, patience

criticism understanding

impatience kindness

depression a long walk

loneliness friendliness, be a friend to everyone

scarcity giving, sharing

I wanted to open our family medicine cabinet here at Happy Day Art Co that Candy has designed and is always fully stocked. It is free to all, no deductibles, or co-pay and no side negative effects.

Blessing boxes are the perfect “pill box” for following Candy’s Rx for a happy life. A tool kit with all the ingredients to fill your personal prescription by focusing on the characteristics of your antidote putting them in writing them out each day. Bright colors, inspiring art and message will remind you that you are a gift.

Wishing you abundant health, deep happiness, and blessings overflowing.


Happy Day Art Co.

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